7 Reasons Why Not to Use Print in Your Marketing Mix

There?s no doubt that the world today is defined by information. Whether it?s news, advertising, film, books or online articles, we have never been so connected. In fact, it has now got to the point where we haven?t got the time to read or watch everything we want to as the content is being produced so fast. It?s information overload.

Due to the increased use of online mediums, many businesses tend to focus solely on online strategies, abandoning other supporting elements such as print. We?ve outlined 7 reasons why not to use print in your marketing mix.

Don?t Use Print If You Want to Be Mediocre

A printed piece of marketing material is literally tangible, therefore it gives people a feeling of legitimacy and credibility, and starts to build a trust which transfers to all of your online materials. With fake news becoming such an epidemic issue, print also brings people back to a more reliable era. Countless surveys and research are continuously showing that consumers trust print more than any digital equivalent, so there has never been a more important time to push print marketing to show that you?re not just another faceless online company.

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Don?t Use Print If You Want to Stay Invisible

We all know the feeling of coming across a high-quality website, where there?s high definition graphics, the colours complement each other and the overall user experience is super easy. Well, with print, this feeling can be intensified! Design in particular really comes to life when printed, and when this is combined with certain textures, the feel of the paper and the overall sensory experience can become unforgettable. Unlike online methods, print can stimulate the senses and embed your business in the minds of your consumers.

Don?t Use Print If You Want to Be Part of the Noise

The issue with digital marketing is that there are too many distractions! If you have ever used more than one device at a time, then you know exactly what I mean. With print media, readers are able to maintain their concentration and capacity to read longer, as reading printed text is much easier for the eyes and there are no other distractions. By paying full attention to the content, this means that the reader is also able to fully consume what the content is saying, think about its meaning and remember it easily.

Insider Tip: There are endless options with print that digital advertising just can?t replicate, such as size, colour, texture, shape, weight and surface sheen, just to name a few. You can also use this to be completely unique and express your company and your values exactly!

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Don?t Use Print If You Want to Ignore Some of Your Audience

Haven?t we all received some email newsletters and deleted them without looking at them? That?s the problem with the digital information overload that people are now feeling the effects of. With print marketing, you?re not limited to people ?switching off;? you?re not limited to a screen or a small box on the side of a website or tweet that circulates for a few minutes. You can create meaningful pieces of marketing that truly express what your company is and what it is about, and the best part? Print sticks around! Print media can be put down and come back to multiple times over, allowing the reader to digest it, think about and remember it at their own pace.

Insider Tip: Print is an excellent tool to direct readers to your website, offers or online products, where they can then sign up to your newsletters.That way you have a loyal audience who WANTS to receive your emails and who will actually open them!

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Don?t Use Print If You Want to Limit Your Appeal

Many audiences aren?t online or prefer to get their information from print, so why wouldn?t you cover all your bases to reach ALL of your target audience? Time and time again, millennials are assumed to be living completely online, and while this has some truth for personal social media, it?s surprising that they are also the reason for a big print surge in other areas. Print is gaining a new following all of the time, and businesses that use both printed and online marketing methods, are more likely to gain a more loyal customer base that engages with them.

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Don?t Use Print If You Want to Ignore Your ROI

Within one target demographic, you can have audiences who prefer to receive their information in different ways, therefore it makes sense to use every medium to a degree to target them all. Only then will you receive your best return on investment (ROI)! All successful marketers test and test each medium until they find the optimum amount, time and content that works, and it is this balance and measurement that increases the ROI of the overall campaign.

Insider Tip: Print cannot be used the same way it has been in the past. These days it?s about standing out, being different and adding real value propositions, so be smarter with how you use your print and how it is prepared.

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Don?t Use Print If You Want to Blend in with Your Competitors

With more companies taking their marketing efforts online than ever before, jumping off the ?print is dead? bandwagon will actually make you stand out more. Small and big players, and even disreputable players, all look the same online so a very large audience still don?t trust it. By pushing your print marketing now, you can get a lot more exposure where there is less competition – but do it quick, the ?old? has become new again as print media is starting to get back in fashion!

Insider Tip: Why do you think Google, John Lewis and other major brands use print? Because it works, they want to stand out. Can you afford not to?


Print is Back in Fashion 

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In today?s digital age, it?s easy for your target market to become saturated with online advertisements and email marketing, so it?s time to grab their attention with powerful and engaging print materials that they can?t forget!

In addition to this Marketers have long know that you need to be seen a number of times over a number of platforms before people will buy from you.

Combine print with your marketing mix and with all the components working together, you?ll soon reap the rewards!


We think it?s definitely worth adding print to your marketing mix

As a print specialist, we know first hand how much of a difference print can make to your marketing efforts. It?s truly the best way to stand out and reflect your brand! If you need advice on all the print marketing options available to your business and how to use them, don?t hesitate to contact us, develop print that delivers results.

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