Why is Your Print Marketing Not Working? Do you consider The Client Journey?

We talk all the time about Print being an essential part of your marketing strategy and how the very best strategies all use Print alongside digital methods.

We say that Print is one of the best ways to attract attention, to evoke emotion, to build and maintain relationships, and to build your credibility. Making real impactful connections with your potential customers

While these statements are both completely true, these are just words if you don?t understand WHY Print is so important and HOW to use it. Knowing why and how to use your Print will ensure that you actually get the desired results that you want from your materials.

To help you do just that, I would like to change the way you think about your Print. This article introduces you to our concept – The Client Journey ? showing you why it is important and how you can use it to make an impact with your Print marketing.

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If your Print isn?t ?working,? you?re simply using it wrong

Working in the Print industry for so long has taught me two things:

1) Most businesses don?t plan their Print Strategy

2) Most Print marketing materials are too generic and target no one

When businesses think ?let?s put a brochure together detailing everything that we offer? or ?let?s create some leaflets and hand them out to as many people as possible,? it?s no wonder that they don?t get the desired results that they want.

How can you possibly make an impact and reach the people that you want if you have a generic message and give it to everyone?

Effective marketing is about targeting each audience, one at a time, appealing to their particular problems or needs, and giving them a clear solution: YOU.

People are only interested in their business, their problems and their needs, so to create Print that is effective, you need to think about your Client and their journey. Where and how on that journey you can really connect.

What is ?The Client Journey??

The Client Journey is a concept that we have come up with to help our clients create powerful Print that makes an impact. It?s a different way of thinking about print.

Put simply, many people don?t know why, how, where or when to use Print in their marketing, so thinking about their Client?s journey enables them to put together a clear and focused marketing strategy.

We visualise The Client Journey as a road map, one that is broken up into three stages:

The Client Journey Roadmap

Stage 1: FIND

At this stage of The Client?s Journey, you want to ATTRACT ATTENTION so that you can FIND a new client and begin your relationship with them.

Stage 2: CONVERT

Once you?ve found your ideal Client and you have their attention, now it is time to CONVERT them from potential to your Client. At this stage, you have to BUILD TRUST and prove yourself by building your credibility.

Stage 3: KEEP

The last stage of The Client Journey is to KEEP the Client that you?ve won. You?ve spent a lot of time and effort winning your Client but they can switch to your competitor at any time. Make sure to stay visible and always build and STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS to ensure that Clients want to stay with you. Also, you want them to be so impressed that they refer you on.

How to use The Client Journey to create effective Print

Understanding The Client Journey is incredibly useful when it comes to thinking about and crafting your Print materials; by splitting the journey into stages, you can clearly see the purpose of your Print depending on each stage and therefore what type of materials you should use to make the most impact and achieve your desired results.

Let?s look at the three stages again in a bit more detail to show you what we mean.

Stage 1: FIND

Goal: to attract attention


Whether you?re at networking events, exhibitions, sending direct mail, posting an introduction pack or you creating a 3rd party referral strategy, you need to stand out from your competitors and make sure that your message is heard by the right people, at the right time. If you?re clear and compelling, this will stimulate interest and encourage these people to find you.

Type of Print: you want to communicate clear, short and sharp messages that solve your target-audiences specific problems. Consider quality stand-out business cards, postcards, solution cards, booklets, brochures, leaflets, flyers, and tip guides here.

Stage 2: CONVERT

Goal: to build trust

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Once a potential Client has expressed an interest, you will need to prove yourself as credible and trustworthy. Think of this as your ?induction,? much like when you start a new job. During this period, you need to build a relationship with them and position yourself as the go-to company for their specific need. There are lots of stages or opportunities to do this.

Think of; that first meeting (what do you leave behind when it’s over?), the quote where you are likely to be competing with others (what do you send to enhance your chances?), the first trial job (what is your welcome or added value pack?).

Building credibility & confidence leads to trust, trust leads to business.

Type of Print: high-quality materials such as brochures need to communicate important information; case studies and testimonials that reinforce your credibility, especially ones that are related to what they need, are very effective. You can also create a dynamic welcome pack, a folder containing the brochure, testimonials, case studies and even thank you cards to make a lasting first impression.

Don?t forget people may have an interest or need but may not be ready to buy right now ? problem-solving info or newsletters can keep you in touch, so when they are ready to buy, they think of you.

Stage 3: KEEP

Goal: to reinforce relationships


It is essential during this stage to be visible to your Client as much as possible, to keep providing them with valuable information and support so that you are front of mind when they need your service again. If you don?t, you could lose them to your competitors. This is a dangerous time, as your competitors are circling, so your Print needs to strengthen your existing relationships, reminding your clients of your loyalty to them, the solutions you deliver, the level of quality and your dedication to your customer service.

Type of Print: any material that gets your brand in front of your Client will be effective but you need to provide them with value too. Consider sending out newsletters, guides, magazines with monthly tips specifically for them. You can even print calendars, desk pads and posters and give them out as gifts at Christmas or for their birthday. At other times of the year, you could send out thank you cards or leaflets with special customer loyalty offers just to show them how much you value them as a Client.

How annoying is it when mobile phone companies offer much better deals to attract new clients and you think??? Hang on, what about me?!!!

Bonus tip: Do your existing clients know everything you do? Getting existing customers to spend more or to buy other services or products from you is an easy win when building your business. Catalogues are great to showcase other elements of your business here. Remember to show how they can benefit the customer though. Compelling, not selling.

And that?s The Client Journey. Without it, many businesses put together last minute Print materials and distribute them to as many people as possible but don?t get the response they want. With it, they have a focused marketing strategy where they can create specific Print materials that target the audience they want at every stage of the journey and guess what? They get results. If you don?t believe, just look at one of our many case studies where we took a client from zero to a 24% response rate! With a few simple changes to the thinking.

Is your Print marketing working for you?

If you need help with crafting effective print or how and when to use your print marketing materials, download our full Client Journey Road Map and our Book on how to ?Increase Your Sales by Using Print? for free here. Once you understand your Client Journey and how important Print is to this journey, you can create materials that get you results. Any other questions about strategy or costs, please feel free to contact me.

A brochure of The Client Roadmap

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