If you not thinking direct mail?. You?re missing out. 5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing IS Making a Comeback!

Are you sending your potential prospects or existing customers physical direct mail? If not, then you’re missing out. Big time.

Over the past decade, businesses have jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon abandoning more traditional mailing methods in favour of cost-effective email campaigns that come with fancy trackability and analytics. While this is a great marketing tool (if used right!), it is starting to become an increasingly difficult one to use effectively. 

With email marketing on the rise, consumers are now starting to tire of looking at their inbox to find mass emails that are spam and as a result, the majority of emails are left unopened and deleted. People are also becoming increasingly worried about how their data is being used online, hence the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will be coming into effect from the 25th of May this year.

How many of you have had hundreds of emails pleading with us to stay on peoples lists over the last month???

So, what can businesses do in such a technological world?

Use traditional methods that have never gone out of style such as direct mail marketing!

Whether businesses choose to believe it or not, direct mail marketing has always had an impact and is now making a comeback and here are 5 reasons why.

It builds a connection  

We?ve seen the resurgence of other physical products such as vinyl records and books and it is the same for direct mail. Why? Because people need a break from technology. Internet-savvy millennials are especially looking for more ?connection? and ?authenticity? in their lives as they are exposed to the digital world the most, so businesses need to be capitalising on this digital overkill to appeal to their audience on a physical level. 

A person looking through a stack of vinyl records

It allows you to connect with a broader audience

Certain demographics such as households that do not have or rarely use the internet, households without electronic devices or even households that do but are wary about data protection and privacy, will never be able to be reached by businesses that only use digital marketing methods. Therefore, to bridge this ?digital divide,? organisations need to be utilising physical methods to communicate and form relationships with these audiences as well. What?s great is that direct mail will also appeal to existing audiences that do use email and social media and will only enhance your relationship with them as you build credibility and trust. 

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People aren?t reading email like they used to

Yes email is massive, it is cost-effective and billions of people use it, but did you know that 55% of email users don?t check their emails regularly? Did you know that more than 95% of emails in campaigns are never opened? With the rising tide of email in our inboxes along with spam and viruses, people are simply not paying attention to the majority of mail, only to the few emails that are of value to them. This is making it harder and harder for marketers to get their audience?s attention, especially without previously establishing a relationship, so the odds are definitely more in your favour when you look at physical methods such as direct mail.  

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There?s less competition in your audience?s post box 

With businesses going full steam ahead with email campaigns, physical post has become a lot less cluttered. This means that for marketers, this is a goldmine that they need to be taking full advantage of! Direct mail allows businesses to not only get the attention of their audience, but it will ensure that their message is heard and remembered as physical mail is far more likely to stick around for days and be picked up again than an email. With this unprecedented opportunity to literally get in front of and into the hands of our ideal prospects, you could argue that there is no more powerful marketing tool than that. 

It is a major player in your overall marketing strategy

The best marketing strategy is one that utilises all channels to reach their prospective audiences, so naturally, a combination of both digital and physical methods will make the most impact. It is a great time for marketing for businesses as they can take advantage of the data collected by their digital campaigns to segment and personalise their physical campaigns. In short, companies no longer have to scatter mass mailings and hope for a decent response, they can directly appeal to their target audience through direct mail!

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With digital advertising overtaking our screens, capture the attention of your audience with direct mail

If you need advice on what creative ways you can incorporate direct mail into your marketing, please get in touch, we can help you make the impact that you want! From announcing a new deal or limited-time offer to sending out personalised thank yous or birthday offers, we can create a stand-apart message that will forge a deeper connection with your audience and drive sales.


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