How to Evoke Emotion and Build Lasting Relationships with Your Print

As Valentine?s Day is quickly descending upon us, I?m sure many of you will be thinking about your personal relationships. Perhaps you?re thinking about how you can improve your relationship, perhaps you?re planning on investing more time and money into building these relationships in the year ahead or you just want to make your partner feel more appreciated. Whatever your goal with your relationship, this time is about spreading the love and showing you care, because if you don?t, it?s very likely that you?ll lose that relationship altogether.

Our question to you then is, why aren?t you doing this with your business relationships?

We?re not talking flowers and chocolates, but rather, showing your appreciation for them. Do you show your clients that you appreciate their business? Do you invest time in building these relationships?

Every company, regardless of the products sold or services performed, is in the relationship business. Relationships drive sales and loyalty to your company in the long term. If you want both of these for your business, then here is how you can build lasting relationships with your Print.

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The power of evoking emotion

Print is key to building relationships with clients because it stands out and evokes emotion, ultimately ensuring that your business is memorable.

Think about a very common situation that we are all accustomed to: emails. Although speed is often key to effective communication, we have all become very accustomed to filtering information and prioritising which of that information deserves our attention.

When it comes to showing your clients that you appreciate them, a birthday wish or thank you message will be appreciated but only for a fraction of a second. It will soon be deleted to clear their email inbox. If you send a postcard or handwritten card, however, not only will it grab their attention and evoke powerful emotions, but it will remain on their desk and your brand will be front of mind for a long time.

Which method do you think is more effective at building relationships?

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Want to know why evoking emotion is so powerful in your marketing?


How to use your print marketing to build relationships

Your clients are your business, they are key to your growth and success, so you want to prioritise building these relationships. Here?s how you can do it with your print:

  1. Use the right print materials ? choosing the right print materials is essential to building a long term relationship as you don?t want to come on too strong at first but you also don?t want to lose existing relationships just because they think you don?t care. Think of postcards and leaflets as the flowers and chocolates of a new relationship, you want to attract attention for the chance to start a new relationship. Brochures, thank you cards, printed newsletters or booklets will then be materials that will continue to nurture these relationships once they are your clients. (Understand The Client Journey to choose the right print materials!)
  2. Make sure your branding is consistent ? consistency is key to any relationship, as is trust, so make sure that all of your print presents a unified look. By simply keeping your logo, colours, font, and message consistent, every time your client is exposed to your brand, your building this connection to your business. Every partner wants to know that their significant other is in it for the long term, so be consistent, keep in touch, and you?ll show them that you?re committed.
  3. Personalise your materials ? when you?re building relationships, personalisation is key. No one likes generic gifts at Valentine?s ? they show no thought or consideration ? but if we get something that is personal to us, this unexpected gift and the emotion that it evokes stays with us for a very long time. Plus, it more than often results in us telling others which is great when it comes to business! There?s so much power in loyalty and referrals so personalise your print. Think about how you can create materials that address your client and their needs specifically and do this for each of your target markets. Any problems that they have that you can solve for them? By tailoring your marketing, it becomes a lot more relevant and therefore, personal to your client.
  4. Choose direct mail over e-mail newsletters ? as we mentioned previously, the delete button becomes awfully tempting when we have a full inbox, so consider direct mail over e-mail newsletters when you?re building relationships with existing clients. 53% of consumers say that they read direct mail after spending a day on the computer at work compared to the 26% who read email newsletters ? would you rather your clients have your brand on their mind after a day of work?

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Building relationships is absolutely essential for your business?s success but you have to do it right. You can?t just send out a blast email to all your clients saying thank you or a generic postcard advertising all of your services, both new and existing clients need to feel special. Use your print throughout your client?s journey with you to evoke the right emotions. If you do this consistently, you?ll soon build happy and loyal relationships that last.


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